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Option 1 Objective:Develop an action plan for migrating a working prototype database design into a “real” database for the data layer of a 3-tier architecture.

Signature Writing Assignment (due in Week 4):

A 500+ word plan that demonstrates results from technical research conducted about implementing a working prototype design of a database into a production environment. Assume that a working prototype has been built as a vehicle for demonstrating the design. After the work plan is accepted, scheduling the deployment will be a milestone for certifying a fully operational database (using an alternative to having any front end application) after clear test acceptance by both technical and business end users. Yes, the design may be for the final outcome for ITM450 project. The plan must contain at least 3 references composed in APA style, with cross reference to cited quotations or paraphrased content from source. Using Owl of Purdue for proper formatting of references is suggested. Citing a professional’s expert opinion is accepted.

After composing your plan, remove all instructions on this page.

Week Four Learning Outcomes

  • Understand value of Open Database Connectivity for data exchange
  • Describe Database Administration roles and duties (Option 1)
  • Integrate Security & Controls into architecture planning (Option 1)

Reading:Ch16 – Database Administration and Security

The text book describes database administrations and security in a context of “real” database Oracle. For your individual essay, a collection of answers to the 8 questions can be either about Oracle, or another database such as SQL Server, MySQL.

Your plan may reference using MS Access for composing a prototype. The opportunity is to write supporting documentation in which you specify what is needed when a design prototype is migrated forward to become a “real” database. Your answers can reply on the text or on other internet sources. Do cite sources you use.See Week Four Learning Activity for Ch16_Database_Administration_Ed12_Review. This is listed below as an example reference.

If your target environment is not Oracle, for this list of 8 problems replace the word “Oracle”.Each answer you provide which may be a few sentences, or a paragraph and may also include images.

Option 1 is based on Ch.16 suggested problems 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42 from p.768 Researching and answering these questions is a place to start an action plan for migrating a working prototype database design into a “real” database, as the data layer of a 3-tier architecture to include role of DB administration procedures.

These are suggested, not required, topics for research to lead to decisions about deploying a database. The underscored words are possible key words for possible paragraph labels in your plan.After providing statements, erase these questions so that the words do not get counted.

Identify and explain some of the critical success factors in the development and implementation of a successful data administration strategy.

How have cloud-based data services affected the DBA’s role.?

What is the tool used by Oracle to create users?

In Oracle, what is a tablespace?

In Oracle, what is a database role?

In Oracle, what is a datafile? How does it differ from a file systems file?

In Oracle, what is a database profile?

In Oracle, what is a database schema?

If you find or create diagrams to illustrate your architecture, include an image providing a citation. To do so, use this space introduce your solution and the diagram.

Place your diagram here

Figure xxx Logical Tablespace and Datafile Components of an “real” Database

References:(Include a minimum of 3 sources in APA format)

Coronel, C. & Morris, S. (2017). Database systems: Design, implementation, and management (12th ed.). [Instructor Manual for Ch16_Database_Administration_Ed12_Review]. Retrieved from ITM450 Blackboard course Week Four Learning Activity with permission by the instructor.

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