works and pop art and consumerism

Please respond to all of the following questions, using sources online or your text as the basis of your: 1. Describe two or three elements of Hamilton’s collage, Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Homes So Different, So Appealing? that you find intriguing, offensive, or humorous and explain why. 2. What current items you would include if you created a 21st-century collage like Hamilton’s, where would you display this work, and how much would you charge if you were to sell it? 3. Take this interactive quiz about the value of modern art paintings at auction today. How many were you able to correctly value? Would you put any of these painters or paintings in your own Museum or hang them in your own home (why or why not)?…

Please respond to classmate initial post whether you agree or disagree and please explain your decision: What I find humorous of Hamilton’s collage is some ways it still holds true to today while others couldn’t be more different (depending on who you asked). One of my favorite parts to the collage is the vacuuming of the stairs where it says “normal vacuums only reach this far.” Advertisements haven’t changed much and are still used in this same formatting. The man and woman fit the stereotypical idealistic versions that have been around for forever. If it were me I’d keep the man and woman the same with maybe a few minor changes, but would know it would not come without backlash from a PC driven world. Other changes I would make to create a 21st-century collage would be more technology based products and cellphones in the hands of both characters in the collage. The window would have advertising for fast food restaurants and online websites. And the inside of the home would have a contemporary finish to it.

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