women gender and sciences

Watch a popular TV show or movie, or reflect on a book that you have read with a scientific theme or one that depicts science and/or a scientist in some way. DO NOT use a science educational program or book (Nature, Discovery, National Geographic, etc.). The topic may be serious or funny, for kids or adults (examples: Dexter’s Lab, Dexter, CSI, Big Bang Theory, Star Trek, etc.).

Write a short essay (1-2 pages typed, single spaced) on the show or book.

Your essay should describe how science and/or the scientist(s) are portrayed in general or specific terms (Good or evil? Positively or negatively? Exciting or boring? Scary?). Also describe and compare/contrast the “non-scientists.” Try to reflect on how science and scientists are viewed by mass media and how the general public may see their role in society. Does the show/book you chose reflect your personal views of science and scientists?

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