What purpose was served by Mookie’s throwing a trash can through the storefront of the pizzeria?

This Essay needs to be 5-6 pages

This question concerns your interpretation of “Do the Right Thing.”  For starters, Spike Lee

never tells his audience what “the right thing” is.  What is “the right thing?”

Why?  Based on

your sense from the film, which psychological explanation of prejudice (i.e., sociocultural,

personality, or cognitive) does Spike Lee seem to favor?


Trace a few of the significant

events that occur throughout the film and explain h

ow they illustrate the particular theory you

choose.  Using any of the theories, discuss the ultimate conflict at the end


In general, does

Spike Lee seem optimistic or pessimistic about the future of race relations?  Could this film be of

use in the batt

le against racial prejudice?  Explain.

Finally, using your knowledge (and insight) from the course, analyze

and answer

the following:

Was Buggin’ Out justified in his demand that Sal place pictures of African

Americans on his


Why was “the Mayor” treated poorly by the neighborhood residents?

Of what importance were the three black males sitting on the sidewalk?  Pay particular

attention to their discussion of the Korean market across the street.

Can one characterize each of the following as racist: Sal, Sal’s sons, Buggin’ Out, Radio

Rahim, Mookie?


What purpose was served by Mookie’s throwing a trash can through the storefront of the


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