What is counseling?

What is supervision?

For this week’s discussion, please define supervision: individual and group (define it in your own words, as you understand it). For example, what do you need it for?

In a supervisor and supervisee relationship who was the last say. How does its fit licensure requirements towards becoming a licensure?

I also would like for you to talk about your plan/intentions towards licensure after graduation. What is your state licensure requirement’s?

Why are your log of contact important and how do you complete the log? What is direct and indirect client contact?

What is counseling?

For this week’s discussion, please talk about “Counseling.” What is it (in your own words) to be a counselor?

What profession organization are counselors affiliated with?

For those of you interested in becoming a member of this professional organization and can provide for me documentation of your affiliation, I will provide 5 extra credits. Have fun with this one.

What is Documentation

For this week’s discussion, please discuss how your practicum site documents (e.g.: progress notes) and what is the procedure for Tx goal.

How do complete a progress note and how/when do you create/revise a Tx plan, for instance?

What is your Treatment choice?

For this week’s discussion, please talk about your treatment approach of choice and why.

Provide us with a little background of your treatment approach.

Also, what is your treatment selection strategy when working with clients.

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