what is art questions 13 ways of looking at a blackbird

Occlude: to stop, plug up or obstruct. In this class, it means to obstruct our ability to see or ask additional questions once an answer has been given.

How can answers to questions keep us from seeing that more questions can, and in fact, should be asked…no matter what the answer is? If I presume to know what art IS, or what a specific art piece says/is about, what am I missing? What other questions are you not asking?

Part 1: Look through THESE photos of artist, Wolfgang Laib. Write at least 5 questions that you have about the work/artist.

Part 2: Watch THIS video. Did the video answer any of your original questions? If so, write those down.

Part 3: Write down as many other additional questions that you have about Laib’s work/life, in addition to any questions that you have prompted by this assignment.

Complete the Reading & Responding form 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird on the reading. Turn in completed form as a PDF (Down in the attachment )

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