What did you used to think about personality development according to Freud?

1. According to Sigmund Freud’s notion of personality we all have an ID, EGO, and SUPEREGO. Describe each of these aspects of our personality.

2. What principles are all three based on and how do they all correlate with each other?

3. Describe a time where you might have struggled with your ID and SUPEREGO regarding a decision. What was the result, did you follow your ID or SUPEREGO?

4. What did you used to think about personality development according to Freud? and Now having learned about the concepts, what do you think now?

5. List and describe the 3 attachment styles found in research? Complete the exercise on page: 321 in Chapter 10 regarding Adult Attachment Styles.

6. What is your attachment style? Does this correlate with your upbringing? Do you find this to be accurate of your relationship style, why or why not?

7. According to Maslow individuals are trying to reach their ultimate need: self-actualization. Define Self-Actualization in your OWN WORDS. Refer to page: 352 in Chapter 11, Table 11.3: Characteristics of Self- Actualizers From Maslow’s Case Studies and list how many of these 15 characteristics you exhibit. Which ones would you prefer to work on and try to strive to be better?


TABLE 11.3


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