what are the solutions for these topics that would relate to the abstract


The City of Santee has awarded the TSCPMI (Team Scorpius Project Management Inc.) the IT Asset Management Upgrade Project FY19. The City of Santee is ready to take their inventory and assets management into the digital era. There are several technologies, methodologies and strategies that require the necessary research as the team searches for the best solution for our client. In this paper we will discuss several topics that are essential to our planning and execution of the project awarded. This paper will be utilized to address our literature and technological research utilized to great a successful project from start to finish. In addition to research this paper will also present a magnitude of technical resources utilized to reinforce the project methodology throughout the lifecycle of the IT Asset Management Upgrade Project FY19. It with the essential scholarly and information paper that we will be able to great a powerful product that satisfies the customer’s needs and provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Project management is essential to any project whether it be big or small in nature. Some may find that project management to be a lot of unnecessary paperwork and steps. However, as your projects and level of responsibility grow the power of a well construct project management program can lead to higher levels of success. This is true in the case of the IT Asset Management Upgrade Project FY19. Through proven methods of project management, scholarly research and technological review Team Scorpio will implement power tools to fuel a successful project from start to finish in an organized and timely manner.

This paper will take the time to define a clear focus and direction in which this project will take. With effective leadership this will allow all team members to create a strategic alignment, set realistic project deliverables and milestones and great a degree of quality control. Additionally, through research and literature review we can implement plans essential to risk management and a higher level of subject expertise. The items below have been determined by our team to be subject critical to the projects health and success as we move into the administrative and planning phases.

The topics that will discussed in this paper are:

  1. Proposed Integrated IT Solution Description (List and describe components of the system, 150-200 words narrative)
    1. Software
    2. Hardware
    3. Network
    4. Security
    5. Management

    2. Project Risk Priorities (Discuss, 200-250 Words)

    1. Operational Risks
    2. Development Risks
    3. Project Controls

    Try to find a solution that would fit the project and relate to the abstract above. Also, try to include refrences at atleast one for each topic that would support the idea.

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