weekly discussion 75

  1. Search for a video on YouTube.
  2. Use the search terms: YouTube plagiarism and YouTube paraphrasing.
  3. Locate and watch a video for each term.
  4. You should have two separate videos: one for plagiarism and one for paraphrasing.
  5. Based on your research, write a one-paragraph summary for each video, focusing on the key themes covered and how they relate to assignments (e.g. discussion postings, reports) this semester in our class.
  6. Include a link to the appropriate video at the end of the two initial paragraphs in your write-up.
  7. Describe in a one paragraph how a student in this course can violate this policy, based upon assignments (e.g., discussion postings, reports, quizzes, exams, and all other submissions) this semester in this class.
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