week 8 forum post

Part I: Explain which personality theory has the most relevance in today’s world? Be specific and substantive.

Part II: Respond to the following three questions:

1) What information have you learned that you can see yourself using to support your successful completion of the rest of your graduate studies at APUS?

2) What information helps you better understand people with whom you interact regularly (co-workers, other acquaintances with whom you have regular contact, family members)?

3) What is the most interesting thing you learned about human personality during the completion of the course?

must be 400 words.

Course summary: Personality and Counseling Theories

Course Description:

This course explores the processes of normal and abnormal personality development and models of counseling and psychotherapy including psychoanalytic, behavioral, cognitive, and existential approaches.

Course Scope:

This course covers thirteen of the most influential theories of personality and psychotherapy. Each theory of psychotherapy will be examined from the viewpoint of its history, the theory of personality on which it is based, the major techniques used by the approach and its applications.

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