week 6

Learning ResourcesText· Course Text:  Browne, M. N., & Keeley, S. M. (2018). Asking the right questions: A guide to critical thinking (12th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.o Chapter 7, “The Worth of Personal Experience, Case Examples, Testimonials, and Statements of Authority as Evidence”o Chapter 8, “How Good Is the Evidence: Personal Observation, Research Studies?”Problem/Issue Cause and EffectNow that you have critically analyzed the problem/issue, it is time to present your findings to others in the course. Feedback from others is useful in ensuring that the critical analysis is on target. Select one of the causes deemed most influential in the development of the problem/issue and post it in this week’s Discussion. Pay close attention to the questions posted by your colleagues and use the information to further refine your critical analysis.Note: Please complete the Application Assignment prior to the Discussion question this week.To prepare:· Review Chapters 7 and 8 in the course text, Asking the Right Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking, paying particular attention to the questions to ask in determining cause and effect.·· Review this week’s Application Assignment.With these thoughts in mind:Post by Day 4 an analysis of one cause/effect of the problem/issue you selected. Include in your analysis what happened and who was affected, negatively and/or positively.Application: Critical Analysis INote: Please complete the Application Assignment prior to the Discussion question this week.Often there are many contributing causes in the development of a specific problem/issue. These causes may be complex and may involve individuals, institutions, and/or environmental factors, for example. This complexity increases the difficulty in creating a solution for the problem. Thus, prior to developing solutions, there must be a critical analysis of the problem/issue. The analysis must address the many potential causes of the problem/issue and determine which had the most impact on its development. Critical analysis relies on the literature and resources that address the specific problem.In this Application, you will focus on a critical analysis of the problem utilizing the findings from the literature collected in Weeks 4 and 5.To prepare:· Review the resources you collected and summarized in Weeks 4 and 5.· Review the questions in the “Critical Analysis Template,” located in the Resources area on the left navigation bar.· Think about the causes of the problem or the issue you have identified, and consider who or what are the major contributors to this problem.· Think about the impacts of the problem.The assignment:By Day 7, briefly describe, in 2-3 pages, the problem/issue and the problem statement you developed.1. Identify the major contributors to the problem (who, what) and briefly explain how they contribute to/cause the problem.2. Explain at least two causes of the problem.3. Explain at least two effects of the problem.Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list only for those resources not included in the Learning Resources for this course.Please view uploaded assignments

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