Week 3 Discussion

Part A -1-2 PARAGRAPHExplain gender and sexist stereotypes and assumptions around sexual assault made by a professional you observe in the case study episode. Explain how these stereotypes perpetuate violence against women.social work skills for social change advocacy to address sexism.Explain how social workers can respond to the stereotypes and assumptions you have identified in the Johnson case and how you might advocate for social change related to sexism while working with families, clients, and groups and collaborating with other professionals.Be specific about the skills you would apply and the actions you would take.Part B -MAX OF 1 PARAGRAPHProvide 1 additional or alternative ways to respond to the stereotypes and assumptions identified by your colleagues in the Johnson case. MUST HAVE AT LEAST 1 REFERENCEPart C-MAX OF 1 PARAGRAPHProvide additional or alternative ways social workers can address these assumptions and advocate for social change related to sexism while collaborating with other professionals to address the needs of clients.   MUST HAVE AT LEAST 1 REFERENCE

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