week 2 vmware player

This week you’ll be creating your own virtual “cloud”. The instructions below provide information on how to download and install a virtual system and the instructions are specific to VMWare Player and Virtualbox (or VMPlayer). Both products support 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems including Windows and Linux platforms. You will need to choose the product that is compatible with the OS platform you are using.

After installation, you need to provide a minimum 2-page synopsis of your experience along with screen shots of your virtual environment. (The screen shot does not count in the length of your document.)

Installation Instructions – VMWare Player

A. Download VMware Playerfrom the VMware website for your Windows or Linux host machine.

B. Double click on the executable file (e.g. VMware-player-x.x.x.xxxxx.exe) to start the installation of VMware Player.

C. An installation wizard for the VMWare Player will appear. Click the “Next” button – following the default options, then click “Install”.

D. After the installation has finished, click the “Finish” or “Close” button to finalize the installation.

E. Review and follow the instructions below to Load an Operating System into the Virtual Machine.

Loading an OS into the Virtual Machine – VMWare Player

A. Start VMWare Player. Once started you will choose the “Create a New Virtual Machine” option.

B. Depending on the host OS you are running, the installation process for a new virtual machine is different. I highly encourage you to do some research on the various installation options before proceeding and to utilize this week’s discussion forum to ask questions or post problems you have.

Note: .iso images can be downloaded via the DreamSpark portal or you can create and use your own.

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