watch video and list 10 importand things.

Before you complete this assignment, watch my recorded lecture(s) and all the other assigned videos in this module. Then, list the 10 most important and/or interesting things you learned from the lecture and/or other videos in this module. Note that this assignment is specifically for the video material posted in this module (not the textbook or other readings). You get to define “important” here, but an “important thing” could for example be a new concept you learned, an interesting theory, a memorable example study, a significant research finding, etc.Rank your items starting from 1 and ending with 10. Try to (at least somewhat) rank order them so the most important is number 1, the second most important is number 2, and so on. But if you find it hard to exactly rank order them, try to at least create some order (e.g. item 1 seems more important to you than item 5).IMPORTANT:This assignment needs to be written entirely in your own words (paraphrased). Do not copy and paste the text from any sources (this assignment has an automatic plagiarism check – see below).At least THREE of your items MUST come from my lectures (some lecture topics overlap with other videos and readings, and that’s fine, but you must show that you are familiar with the content of my lectures). You don’t have to specifically indicate which video each item is from. In addition, show learning from multiple video sources besides the lectures. When you watch the assigned videos, look for things that you might want to include in your Top 10. However, not every assigned video has to appear in the list.Use academic terminology and show your learning. For each of the items, define and explain the relevant concepts, and explain why it is important in your opinion. Use full sentences. Each item should be about 3-5 full sentences (or longer; there’s no upper limit, but these don’t have to be longer than that).For example, this would NOT be enough:1. Milgram’s study2. AttractionYou need to define the concepts, describe the items with some details and explain what you found significant about them. Throughout this assignment, use academic terminology learned from the class material.This assignment is not graded for “accuracy” in the sense that I’m not going to evaluate how important the items in my opinion are, but the items must be relevant and show evidence of viewing the lecture(s) and other assigned videos.You get 1 point per each item that meets the requirements, up to 10 points.

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