Vargas Family Case Study: Sixth Session

Read “Topic 6: Vargas Family Case Study.” Develop three   experiential interventions that you would use with the Vargas family.It’s time to get creative! You have noticed that the Vargas   family struggles with emotional expression, particularly with   congruent emotional expression (i.e., words, actions, and body   language being congruent). Using the Experiential Interventions   Template, create three unique experiential interventions that you   would use with the family and describe how they would be helpful to   the family. It may be helpful to refer to the library articles for   ideas and inspiration, but do not copy existing interventions. Be   sure to fully address each section in the template for each of the   three interventions in your paper:Title of your InterventionGeneral GoalsMaterials NeededAdvance Preparation NeededDescription of the Intervention with the Vargas familyDiscussion of the Benefits of the Intervention to the Vargas   FamilyReferences (if any)

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