use growth hormones childern due tonight 6 and half hrs read instructions

Answer the question and write the paper on Growth Hormones and Children. This is not a research paper.. not citing just resources from crazy resources that no one else has and copying and pasting, that’s ridiculous. Write your opinion and use just a few resources to make your point that are easily accessed and from the names on the pages enclosed in the scans from the Growth Hormone portion, this is a  must ( not books you happen to have at home.. or some crazy website resource access you have ) This is an opinion on the topic (critical thinking, in which you don’t recite, resource, a regurgitate every line of several resources.

Chapter 12

Writing Assignment

To receive full credit, assignment must be doubled spaced, 12 point font, 2 pages, and turned in by due date. Proper grammar and English must be used.  Please have someone proof read your paper in order to catch errors, and do not change the default margin settings.


The text poses the following question: Just because height matters so much to so many people, should parents be free to give their children growth hormones? What limits should there be on parental rights? Where is the line between parents seeking medical help with a child who may not be growing properly and parents who want (for whatever reason) to create a “super” child? What, if any, negative physical side effects occur from giving children growth hormones? Are there any negative psychological side effects for the children given the hormones? What rights should children age 6 to 12 have in terms of what hormones are injected into their bodies? To help control the problem, should we attempt to change people’s attitudes about height?

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