urgent and quick watch video and summarize

Please watch these sort videos and write detailed notes and summarize the key idea mentioned in the video

Step 1 of 5 – determining the type of compound -ionic or molecular? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLe1sdpfvrY

Step 2 of 5 – molecular compounds https://youtu.be/Jck2DZEC6_I

Step 3 of 5 – Ionic compounds with main group metals https://youtu.be/YE32LmvrwBs

Step 4 of 5- Ionic compounds with transition metals https://youtu.be/3zv6UgAxSi8

Step 5 of 5 – Polyatomic ions in Ionic compounds https://youtu.be/ajZpxf51P4U

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