unit 9 assignment 12

Socioeconomic Effects on Aging and Policy Proposal

Your proposal will be a detailed recommendation addressing issues of living standards for the aging population at the local or state level. It should be directed to policymakers in your community or state who have the ability to address the issues and implement your recommendations. You should identify your audience; however, you may or may not actually deliver the proposal to them.

Project Objectives

To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:

  1. Discuss the major biological theories of aging.
  2. Analyze the functional changes experienced due to the normal processes of aging and those related to health and disease.
  3. Evaluate the effect of the environment, socioeconomic factors, and health practices on the aging process.
  4. Analyze the interrelationship between functional changes due to aging and patterns of daily living.
  5. Apply your analysis of the aging process and the various agents that affect the aging process to a recommendation for policy that will address the growing needs for public health interventions in meeting the needs of older adults in a fair and ethical manner.
  6. Apply effective academic writing skills.

Project Requirements

To achieve a successful project experience and outcome, you are expected to meet the following requirements.

  • Paper length should be 15–20 pages, prepared according to current APA guidelines. The format includes:
    • Cover or title page.
    • Abstract.
    • Introduction of the issue or issues.
    • Context of issue or issues (the relevant details of your findings and framework).
    • Suggested solutions (possible approaches or possible views).
    • Recommended policy to address the current issue or issues.
    • Conclusion.
    • References.

Submit your Socioeconomic Effects on Aging and Policy Proposal in the assignment area. Your final draft should incorporate, as appropriate, your response to the feedback you received on the draft in the Unit 7 discussion.

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