two separate questions

Q.1 A baseline concept of the term, “business continuity” is important as we work together toward greater understanding of both the term and its practices. In your response to this Board, you are asked to take a walk through the text and selected other resources in an effort to gain some further understanding of the overall concept. Note that you should see some repetitive commentary as authors strive to develop the discipline over time. Do not create a BC definition at this point. In your response, list five key words that would help anyone to begin to understand the nature of Business Continuity. Then, use the related term in a single sentence of your own creation. The terms you choose do not need to be internally documented; although, if asked you could point someone to the detail that supports your choice. Here is an example:

Term Sentence

Hot Site – “The IT Director found it necessary to ask the BC Officer to assist in managing the company’s recently acquired hot site situated on the other side of the city.”


Q.2. Functions of most companies range from “very (mission) critical” to “not important.” After thinking about and researching this topic, you are asked to discuss what makes one function more important than another. Give an example of a mission critical function and one for a “not important” classification. Use a Home Depot-type store for your examples. Next, think of one way to promote an awareness within the company of vulnerabilities that could prove to be incipient precursors of a larger incident.

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