tunisia and the arab spring risingswx

Your assignment: my state is Tunisia, Choose a state, which experienced the 2010 Arab Spring Rising in the Middle East. Write an analytical research paper using several of the major themes presented during the course. Your paper should be divided into several sections. For example: Location of the conflict. What part of the world is it in? What is the historical background of the issue, or conflict? Who are the major players-leaders, political parties, organizations, etc. and what are their views? What role have international organizations played concerning the issue, or conflict? For Example, United States of America, Russia, United Nations, NATO, Organization of American States, European Union, Organization of African Unity, etc. What are the prospects for the issue, or conflict being solved, getting worse, or remaining a stalemate. What was final outcome or is the issue still ongoing?

Each student is required to submit a three – five page, typed and double-spaced, 12 point font, APA or MLA format, essay examining an assigned state which endured the Arab Spring Rising . Essays must include a cover, 3 – 5 full pages of analysis, and a bibliography. Submissions must be uploaded to the assignments folder.

Title pages should include the title of your paper, your name, the date, the course designator, and the instructor’s name – all centered on the front page. The abstract page should be the second page of your paper and should contain your single-spaced up to a half-page abstract. The endnotes page should be a separate page following the content of your paper, which lists all citations in numerical order. You will not need an endnotes page if you use parenthetical notes or footnotes. Your bibliography will be the last page(s) of your paper and should provide a list of all sources, alphabetized by authors’ last names. Each item should be single-spaced with a double-space between items.

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