trs writing paper pick only one

In 1-2 pages, answer one of the following questions:

1. Pick ONLY ONE of the following (Paul, Pelagius, Augustine, Martin Luther, or the Council Fathers at Trent) and explain how your choice understands a person’s transition from being a sinner into being a person in right relationship with God. Remember to quote passages from the text of your choice to support your explanation of the position.

You must use 11 or 12 point, Times New Roman font for the writing. The body of the paper should be double spaced. The header should be singled spaced at the top left hand side of the paper. It should include in this order in the first four lines of the document your full name, Mr. Deutsch, TRS 201-62: Foundations of Theology I, and the due date. The paper should also have a title that is in the center of the page after the header. The margins should be 1 inch. The rubric I use to grade the assignments is posted in the Course Documents section of blackboard.

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