Topic: child vaccinations and whether or not parents should be forced to have their children vaccinated

Topic: child vaccinations and whether or not parents should be forced to have their children vaccinated


This paper is an informative essay, which means you will not be making an argument. However, you must choose a controversial topic to write about as you will be presenting, without revealing bias, two sides to an argument. For example, a popular topic would be the legalization of marijuana. If you were to choose this topic, you would not be arguing that marijuana should be legalized, nor would you be arguing it should remain illegal; instead, you would present the most compelling arguments for both sides to allow your reader to make up his or her own mind after seeing both sides fairly presented.


Your topic should be a debatable topic concerning social, political, or cultural relevance. Some things to think about as you choose a topic:

In the introduction section of your outline, include the thesis statement you submitted for your Thesis Assignment, making any necessary revisions based on instructor feedback. Your outline should stem directly from your revised thesis statement. You should also include topic sentences (for each section) and paragraph transitions that help tie your major points together.

Remember that your final essay will be a minimum of 5 pages long not counting your cover page or references, so you will need somewhere between 6–8 body paragraphs. Minimum of 6 current scholarly sources.

Helpful hints:

Your outline should remain without bias. You must equally present the arguments of both sides of the issue without revealing which side you agree with.

Your outline must be written in third person.

Each topic sentence should directly relate back to the thesis statement.


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