DISCUSSION QUESTION 1Consider each of the 4 approaches of psychology (biological, individual, social, and cultural). Which of these most supports a Christian Worldview of human behavior? How and why do you feel that this particular area compliments your own Christian Worldview?DISCUSSION QUESTION 2How has Psychology progressed from its philosophical roots? For example, the 4 approaches of psychology (biological, individual, social, and cultural) each have specific foundations. How have those initial philosophy theorists shaped each of these?DISCUSSION QUESTION 3Over the past decades, gender roles and expectations have changed so much- female and male roles in relationships used to be much more narrowly defined, and now the behaviors and roles that each individual plays in an intimate relationship vary so much more when you look from couple to couple. Do any or all of these theories help explain how female/male behavior varies so much from relationship to relationship? Which theory might be in more favor of the “traditional” gender roles that we used to see more of, and which theories help explain or promote changing gender roles?DISCUSSION  QUESTION 4Mate selection and “dating” is so much different now than it was several generations ago- I would even say that dating and mate selection transforms into something new with each generation! How has mate selection changed over the course of generations or history as a whole? How have cultural, social, and individual factors in particular played a role here?*ALL QUESTIONS HAVE A 100 WORD LIMIT NOTHING LESS*

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