this is for my african american themes class

Each student must submit an analytical essay on an approved topic.The essay must be an examination of creative works that come out of the African Diaspora.These might be literary works, music, films, paintings, plays, or other forms of visual or performing arts.The content of the essay must fit one of the following options:

Option 1 – Compare and contrast contemporary creative works that come out of the African Diaspora with works produced during an earlier time period.The contemporary works must have been produced since 1995, and the other works should be at least 15 years older.The essay should examine themes, ideas, and/or topics related to the course.

I choose option 1 and was going to compare NWA’s music with Kendrick Lamars ” To pimp a butterfly. and discuss how both of them touch on themes for instance like racism, oppression , and other social issues from the african american expirience.

you can use sources from the web that talk about these albums and cite them with Apa format.

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