theories and methods of adult development and aging


The graying of the world and the United States is reflected in the sheer number of older adults. Countries around the world will show increases in the over-65 population as well, particularly among developing countries. Implications of these changes will impact the way in which we view later adulthood as well as prepare for what will happen in your later years.


For this discussion, look at the maps and statistics that show how the demographics of the United States population is changing as it relates to the aging population. Then, think about the changes in the United States as well as in other countries:

  • Are there areas that are changing more rapidly than others? How so? Why do you think this is happening?
  • Does the life expectancy and health status relate to the changing demographic? Why or why not?

Additional Instructions:

Create a 1 page essay in APA format according to the instructions above. Use 2 scholarly sources for references. Be sure to use in-text citations.

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