thematic analysis essay 2

Fictional literary works are reflective of the worlds we inhabit by using the raw elements of reality and refashioning them into stories that reveal to us the significance of life in some manner. This is accomplished through what are called themes, or an underlying meaning of significance within a literary work. Literary texts, however, are actualized by the technical features of writing known as literary devices. It can be said that the significance of a text (what is interpreted) or actualized through literary devices (what is analyzed), however, both meaning and its component parts are important to understand in relationship to one another for a wholistic view.

Prompt: Consider the experiences you have had in reading Karen Tei Yamashita’s Through the Arc of the Rainforest and identify a literary theme that is reflective of a global system by analyzing how various literary devices (like plot, setting, characters) and interpretative lenses work in writing to facilitate the larger meaning of the text and reveal some insight about the world.

Questions to Consider:

  • In what ways does this text reflect the interconnectedness of the world? How is setting infused with what we discussed in class called global systems?
  • What themes of interconnectedness or globality seem relevant to explore when interpreting this prompt?
  • How is the literary theme actualized by the various literary devices in the novel? How can you refer to specific instances where these show the theme you identify?

Evaluative Criteria:

  • 4-5 pages, double-spaced, MLA format
  • Thesis-driven argumentative essay form
  • Well-organized body paragraphs
  • Inclusion of reference to one outside source and source text for support
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