the medici godfathers of the renaissance

watching The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance part 1 and answer these questions as fully as you can:

1. What was the Renaissance? What caused it?

2. Who were the Medici? How did they get their wealth and power, and what role did art

play in their lives?

3. What is patronage? How did the Medici practice patronage? What are some main

examples of patronage explored in the video?

4. Who are some of the architects and artists mentioned in the video? What are they most

famous for?

5. What was important about the achievement of Brunelleschi’s dome? What classical

models did he draw inspiration from? What new innovations did he have to come up

with beyond what he was able to learn from ancient examples of architecture?

6. What are three main points (beyond those already addressed above) that you found the

most useful and/or interesting? Explain why.

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