the judgement seat of christ

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Research Paper Instructions

You will complete a Research Paper based on the previously completed Annotated Bibliography and Outline. This paper must be 3,600–4,500 words, excluding the cover page, table of contents, and bibliography, contain at least 20 sources (excluding the Bible and course textbooks), and 8 of the 20 sources must be written within the last 10 years. The Research Paper must be completed in current Turabian format.

The Purpose of a Theological Research Paper

The goal of a research paper is not merely to report about your readings or to list quotations (or paraphrases) related to your topic. Instead, a research paper must be a creative theological reflection on a relevant issue that recognizes the established scholars who helped you in that endeavor. Research papers must attempt to prove a point (thesis). They are not “surveys” of material. They must be thoroughly documented, and this assignment must not include your opinion until the conclusion.

“Creative theological reflection” implies staying away from those academic cardinal sins:

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