the communicable disease transmission and control evidenced in the outbreak movie 4

Prepare a Microsoft word document about the communicable disease transmission and control evidenced in the Outbreak movie seen in class.

APA Title Page:

Title Page contains all parts and correct format. (ie: header and page numbering at top right, running head, title of paper, student’s name, college name double-spaced, etc.)

APA References Page

Reference page contains more than required scholarly academic reference and text reference. Follows APA guidelines of components: double space, 12 pt. font, hanging indent.

Paper Length

Page requirement met with correct margins, double-spacing, Times New Roman font type or 12-point size used.

Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling

Rules of grammar, usage and punctuation are followed; spelling is correct


No pages contain header formatting errors

Information is very organized in well- constructed paragraphs with an introductory sentence, at least 3 details and a concluding sentence.

The reader is introduced to the topic. Great use of background information. Purpose of the writing is clear

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