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Section or Module: ENTR 5000 Entrepreneurship Process for Freeman at WU
Expiration Date: Feb 20, 2020
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In the Textbook:

  • Chapter 6: Financial Statements
  • Chapter 7: Profit, Profitability, and Break-Even Analysis
  • Chapter 8: Forecasting and Pro Forma Financial Statements | Slides
  • Chapter 9: Getting Financing or Funding | Slides

Answer the following questions, your response should be a half of page dbl space with reference.

1. When you first review a company’s financial statements, what are the first one or two things you look at. This may depend on the purpose of your review, and may be different for different purposes. For example, if you are considering buying the company’s stock.

2. Describe how you would develop a projection of sales for you project company. Explain the process and information you consider relevant.

3. Do you have any experience with getting funding from an outside party? Describe your experience. This may include personal experience, a family business, or one you observed closely.

4. Would you prefer to finance your business using debt or equity, assuming you have the alternative? Your initial answer may likely be “It depends,” but be sure to explain the reasoning behind your answer.

5. Review the financial press over the next week and read a sampling of articles relevant to entrepreneurship, start-up financing and the venture capital industry. Select an article to share with the class. Link the article to this discussion and explain what you found most interesting about it.

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