t shirt logo design

Please follow the directions in the attached assignment for details.

The Guidelines:

The logo for the front is supplied Your logo (back of t-shirt):

• T-shirt color: typically grey or navy o additional colors possible

• Size: maximum of 12”x12”

• Logo colors: up to 3 colors (i.e., black, red, & tan)

• No obscenities

• You must produce

o hand-drawn or computer-generated, no web images

o no copyrighted material / trademarked characters

• Format: PDF, minimum of 300 dpi for scan resolution

What to Submit:

1. Brainstorm (words and/or sketches) as many ideas for possible t-shirt logos as possible that relate to the theme and/or scenario.

2. Evaluate your ideas, and select your best idea. (i.e. utilize and describe the decision matrix process).

3. Based off decision matrix in step 2, develop a final design (ready to be reproduce onto a shirt – final sketch, coloring, etc.) of your idea following the guidelines. Do NOT use a website to design a t-shirt. Do NOT use images from the web

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