summary of readings 300 words the repiblic

Please read the instructions thoroughly before making your discussion board post.

Instructions for Discussion Board Post

  1. Discussion board posts should contain two parts: 1) a brief summary of weekly reading, and 2) your thoughts on one topic (your choice) from the reading
  2. You can choose ANY topic you want to think about and write, as long as it is related to the weekly reading.
  3. Your post must explicitly refer to the assigned readings in order to demonstrate that you have read the material. You need to cite all the readings (Republic Book 1, 2, and 3 ) in your post, and the number of citations should be more than three.
  4. The post should be 300 words are recommended.


Need to read: The Republic by Plato: Only books 1,2, and 3

* You can see this website for further help, but look for the citations from the original book.

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