submitting an interpretive essay on the temperance movement

Hi! You helped with my outline for this essay so I need help with the actually essay now. Here is the information.

Your essay should contain multiple paragraphs and be no less than 750 words in length. You must proofread carefully before you turn it in. Your references should be formatted in Chicago style.

All the information used is from the sources, so there is no outside research.

The Rubric:

Does your essay have a clear beginning, middle and ending? Does each paragraph build logically on the previous paragraph?

Does your essay make a logical, historically-minded argument about the time and place from which your archival resources originate?

Do you show a clear understanding of your archival resources -who wrote them, why, and with what audience in mind? Do you connect them in a coherent way to your secondary source?

Is your writing clear, concise and relatively free of mechanical errors?

I’ll attach the sources and my outline for the essay. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

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