submit the abstract annotated bibliographies

Please submit your abstract and annotated bibliographies for your research paper. Provide as much information as possible for me to give you feedback.

Your abstract should be about one paragraph (this is a brief summary/overview of your paper, make sure your thesis statement is included in the abstract), your outline can be anywhere between 1-2 pages (single spaced).

And then provide annotated bibliographies. It should include minimum 5 peer reviewed articles related to your topic.

What is Annotated Bibliographies? Check the link below for a detail explanation. It’s basically a short summary of research articles.

research topic:

<the media representatives of celebrity>.

Whether in a reality TV show, music or movie, celebrity plays an important role. Nowadays, a lot of celebrities would like to join various different online platforms. So, I was wondering Why more and more celebrities are moving to the internet fields? Whatever a product they recommended on these platforms, it will be sold out quickly. Is this good for the society?

About this course:

Media Representation and Society.

This class examines images and representations pervasive in today’s electronic media environments. In doing so, students will identify key theoretical frameworks, such as ideologies, hegemony, reception theories, and discourses, and further apply them to examinations of media images, narrative, content, and texts. In this course, we will primarily focus on media representations of race, gender, and class, as well as other emerging media representation forms in contemporary media environments. Throughout the course, students will recognize and identify a variety of stereotypes and media representations, write a group essay and reflection essays, watch documentaries on media representation, and conduct case study research on an original topic.

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