Studies in Social Psychology (Worth 30 points)

The purpose of this discussion is to apply concepts in social psychology to examine the extent to which influential social psychological experiments  and studies from the past remain relevant to human behavior today.Learning Objectives 3d and 5c*Please  note:* This discussion forum is “post first.” In other words, you will  not see the posts of your classmates until after you post. When you  post, your classmates’ posts will be revealed so you can read them and  compose your reply.Step 1:  Select a social psychological experiment or study from the list below,  or search the web and identify one that compels you.  If you decide to search the web and identify one not on the list below, please make sure the experiment or study was conducted by a university, college, or credible entity.Robbers Cave Experiment (1954)A Class Divided Experiment (1968)Asch Conformity Study (1951)Bobo Doll Experiment (1961 – 1963)The Marshmallow Test Experiment (1972)The Stanford Prison Experiment (1971)The Milgrim Experiment (1961)The Car Crash Experiment (1974)The Violinist in the Metro Study (2007)The BBC Prison Study (2002)The Case of Kitty Genovese (1964)The Halo Effect Study (1977)Step 2:  Conduct web research to explore what happened in the experiment or  study, the findings of the experiment or study, and the flaws and/or  criticisms of the experiment or study.Step 3:  Based on your textbook readings and web research, compose a post that responds to the following:Explain  the study or experiment you selected, describing what happened in the  experiment or study.  Also, explain any conclusions drawn based on the  experiment or study.  Next, identify flaws and/or criticism of the  experiment or study.Based  on this module’s readings, select at least *two* concepts in social  psychology and explain how the dynamics associated with both concepts  influenced the participants in the study or experiment you selected.Explain  the ways in which the findings from the study or experiment you  selected are relevant today or are no longer relevant today.  In your  explanation, try to avoid opinion only; instead, conduct web research to  include relevant statistics or a more recent study that replicated the  findings of the study or experiment you selected.Include the links from your sources.

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