student response paper 1

After reading the article, write a response paper. Follow these 2 parts.

Topic and a brief summary with analytical elements (6 pts)

Reference to the source/author; genre; purpose

Main ideas are accurately presented (author’s points, not yours!); what the author does with the text is addressed

Recommended length: 8-12 sentences

Errors do not impede comprehension

Evaluate content and language of the text: below are general recommendations; for more details, refer to Appendix A; ( 10 pts)

What is the most impressive or compelling argument/evidence in this reading?

Is the presented evidence clear, sufficient, & relevant?

How important are the issues discussed in the text? What do you agree or disagree with?

Select a quotation that catches your attention; explain its meaning/implication and importance

What is the author’s stance? How did you come to this conclusion? How does the author make use of the language in the text?

What is the language of the text like? (e.g., the author uses discipline-specific terminology; complex prepositional phrases; instances of nominalization; idiomatic language use)

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