strategic planning 38

strategy- “Partner with a competing physician practice, investing $3 million to provide additional interventional cardiology capacity and increase physician referrals. Accounting for competitive response, there is a 50% chance of realizing up to $52 million in additional revenue with $47.5 million in costs over 5 years.”

  1. Identify the rationale or criteria used to rank these five potential options.
  • Among other concepts, your presentations should touch on external opportunities, ie.–General Environment, Industry Specific Environment or both? , category of opportunity(s) MOST represent (Politics/Regulations, Economics, Society (demographics, etc.), Technology or Competition and whyAlso highlight Competitive Advantages– (Internal Strengths) are they seeking to point out? Are they absolute (supported by fact) or relative (opinion) and why?
  • Does this service line strategy represent a singular type of product of the organization (Intensification), one of a number of related products (Integration), or one different from that of the company’s primary product (Diversification)?What applicable Sub-Strategies are also represented?
  • How are they “Positioning” their product Price, Differentiation or a Combination of both?

Link below is to the background of the assignment

strategic planning assignment (i chose strategy #19)

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