strategic management write an essay considering two competing companies alibaba and ebay

The assignment requires you to
write an Essay considering two competing companies;
Alibaba and eBay. You are expected to conduct a research about the two subject companies including any published articles comparing them. Your research should enable you to
answer the two following questions:

  1. Conduct a SWOT analysis for both Alibaba and eBay. What do you conclude from this analysis? (4%)
  2. Analyze and Evaluate the two companies to learn which company has better global competitive advantage using Barney’s (1991) resource-based view (VRIN)? (6%)

General guide lines:

The assignment is preferably computer typed and submitted as a hard copy. Thus, spelling mistakes are not acceptable.

  • Make sure to apply what was explained in class in terms writing style using Booth et al.’s (2000) view to construct your answers/arguments.
  • You are allowed to build on other authors’ critique as long as you cite them.
  • Make sure to reference your research as I will not tolerate plagiarism.
  • Refer to the power point slides and the journal posted on blackboard which explains Barney’s (1991) RBV (VRIN).
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