statement of purpose 25


I need to write a Statement of purpose for applying to graduate school at UC Berkeley. I have already mentioned everything I need in every paragraph just need someone to elaborate on my points and make it look more professional using better vocab and etc… . here is the outline Im trying to follow on my essay (attached below):

-Paragraph 1: Interesting hook, story, thesis

-paragraph 2: Struggles and course work

-Paragraph 3: Experience

-Paragraph 4: researches at berkeley and why i want to continue my career or pursue engineering and what researcher stand out to me.

-paragraph 5: conclusion, and rephrase thesis. notice i dont have a conclusion yet and i need help with that as well.

Here is the prompt in case needed:

Please describe your aptitude and motivation for graduate study in your area of specialization, including your preparation for this field of study, your academic plans or research interests, and your future career goals. Please be specific about why UC Berkeley would be a good intellectual fit for you.

-let me know if you need more information, and you are more than welcome to add anything you want wether its a lie or based on my writing and resume.

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