Sports Psychology Assignment

DO NOT DISTORT THE WORKSHEET BELOW!!!!Just answer the questions as they are written!!You Make the Call: Judging Appropriate Behavior in SportAs a sport and exercise professional, you must be able to communicate which actions are appropriate and which are inappropriate in a sport setting. This activity gives you a chance to evaluate some sport situations and determine the best way to respond.InstructionsThink about the following sport situations and answer the questions posed.Sport situations1. You are a player on a baseball team and the opposing pitcher intentionally throws at your teammates. Would you retaliate by throwing at the pitcher?Why or why not?2. You are a professional ice hockey coach. Is it appropriate to assign one of your players to constantly check the other team’s start player in hopes of frustrating him and provoking him into a fight—and thus getting him placed in the penalty box?Why or why not?3. You are in a tennis match and your opponent has consistently cheated on line calls, calling the ball out when it was clearly in. Should you cheat on his line calls in an effort to stop him from doing so?Why or why not?

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