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The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to select, research, write and deliver a speech to inform about a process-often called a ‘how to ‘ speech or a demonstration speech. You will use your experience and what experts have said about this process. For example perhaps they claim in their writing that a particular part of a process is the most efficient or best way or the way that gets the best results-you can note this and cite them as a source. You will offer accurate, objective information. You will attempt to increase your audience’s awareness or understanding of a process that at least 2/3 of the audience knows nothing or little about. However, you must have your topic approved by the instructor. Simplistic topics like: How to Bake Cookies (any kind) or make pizza or spaghetti are not acceptable.

To write and submit an outline before speeches are due This will help you organize your speech

  • Each student must write a carefully written full-sentence outline for this speech and provide a works cited page. Speeches will not be accepted or graded without a speech outline.
  • Please review the sample outline provided for the class.
  • Speech Foundation Information should be included at the beginning of the outline: Topic, General Purpose (To Inform), Specific Purpose, Thesis Statement and Organizational Pattern (may choose from INFORMATIVE PATTERNS: topical, chronological, or spatial). Specific Purpose statements and Thesis/Central Idea statements should be written asone complete sentence each. A clear ‘how to’ process should be evident in the organization.
  • The introduction and conclusion should be written in paragraph format and include the necessary components (see video on Outlining and Writing the Speech for details)
  • Follow the full sentence outlining guidelines in the text and in lecture. Each main point and sub point must be written as one complete sentence each, and each sub point should have at least two tertiary points. This will help you organize your speech.
  • Sources must be documented within the outline (as in-text citations), and transitions should be included between each major section of the speech (again, see notes for more details)
  • Your outline is to be submitted to me and I will give you feedback to allow for you to revise it before you record your speech.
  • Works cited page should be completed in APA format and attached to the outline. Wikipedia is NOT allowed as a counted resource.
  • There must be a clear introduction, body and conclusion to your speech.
  • A minimum of 4 different sources must be verbally cited within the speech, no more than one from the internet. For example, you may say, “According to the January 10, 2013 issue of the NewYork Times…” or “, respected surgeon, Thomas Will in his recent study on open heart surgery concluded that…” (Sources should be dated within the last 5 years)
  • Time limit penalties apply to this and all speaking assignments: 5-7 minutes

I have already completed a brief outline of this speech. Please edit it to a formal speech paper.

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