software processes 4

APA Style with References

Section 5: Software Development Methodology

  • Choose a software development methodology to be used for this project based on the specific need of the project and the level of governance that is required.
  • Provide 3–4 features of the model that crystallized your decision to use it. Be sure to explain these features as key features, with 2–3 sentences about each.
  • Include a diagram and describe key parts. There should be a paragraph description of the model and how it flows.
  • Detail 2–3 risks of using this methodology, and include mitigation strategies to minimize those risks.

Section 6: Standards

Scenario: You are trying to create a quality project. Although your team is pretty good, you should make sure they are aware of—and hone in on—a handful of activities that will make or break the project. This is where you use the standards to see where you can shore up your processes.

  • Review CMMI (or ISO Practice) areas regarding requirements, development and testing. Possible areas to research include (but are not limited to):
    • Requirements management (REQM)
    • Technical Solution (TS)
    • Verification (VER)
  • Select 7 things that should be focused on for this project. These should be based on the project type and methodology used (try to spread them across those three areas).
  • Of these 7, create a table that lists the 7 key activities that should happen to promote quality, and describe that activity.
  • In the table, include 2 columns:
    • The activities to promote quality
    • A short description regarding the activity and how it will promote quality
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