socialization 6

What are Agents of Socialization? Name at least 5 Agents of Socialization. (4 pts)

Can you think of your own socialization process at home with your parents/caregivers? Which agent of socialization impacted your life the most why? (2 pts)

Were you taught to do things because you are a boy or a girl and now you do them habitually without ever pausing to trace where you actually learned it? (2 pts)

Reply to two other students your thoughts. Either you agree or disagree, and state why? Add additional thoughts and comments in a separate paragraph for each student(2 points)

1. The agents of socialization are the fundamental components in your surroundings that influence you. These are the factors that determine why we do our specific actions; the explanation to our behaviors and choices. Examples of the Agents of Socialization include family, neighborhood, religion, school and peers.

Personally, I believe that my family is who impacted me most. They are the ones who raised me into becoming who I am. I developed from my siblings’ habits and learned from my parents’ lessons. They are the ones who taught me right from wrong and good from bad. I am also around my family most so of course their lifestyle impacts mine as well. My family has also taught me to voice my opinion and to let them in on what is going on in my life, of course with the exception of my own privacy. I was taught that my opinion matters and my parents actively make an effort to make sure that I can communicate with them and others.

When I was young I remember my parents always teaching me to respect my body and remind myself to keep certain parts of me private. I believe that I was influenced to show myself in a modest manner in terms of the way I dress and speak, not for others but for myself. I believe that if I wasn’t raised in this specific way, I would not hold my self importance and respect to such high standards.

2. Agents of Socialization are the influences in a person’s life that shape their decisions, beliefs, or even who they are. “Through this process of socialization each of us develops a personality, the tendency to behave in nuanced, stylized, or individualistic ways, which distinguishes us from others,” due to the Agents of Socialization in one’s life (Henslin 147). Some examples of these Agents are family, teachers, clergy, neighbors, or friends because the events taking place within the time spent with them influences the individual in different ways, like attitudes and ideas.

My parents have most definitely shaped the manners, interests, and values that I have today, for example my when my mom would always remind me as a kid to “say please and thank you” whenever I would hang out with friends. Even though I already knew my manners and would always be polite to my friends’ families, my mom would engrain those respectful practices in my head. Therefore, I attribute the respectfulness and compassion I have today to my parents, but particularly to my mother as the most impactful Agent of Socialization in my life. As for my interests, I most definitely thank my dad for passing on his curiosity toward art and passion for creativity, because without that, I would not be able to have the same passion for music and the arts that I have today. He embraced my natural attraction to the drums, while also practicing his favorite instrument with me to build my melodic knowledge — the guitar.

I was obviously taught things as a boy that I try to do habitually, like manners when spending time with a girl. If I would go on a date, I would hold open the car door for her, pay for our food or activities, or even cornily offering my jacket if she is cold. Today, I still practice these ideas with my girlfriend over the past few years, and she hates when I always want to pay for the things we do, while also understanding that my intentions are merely to be respectful. What I have come to realize over this time, that my parents did not teach me, is to accept my girlfriends offer to treat me every once in a while; however, they are not to blame, as currents times are much different from when they grew up.

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