social science aboriginal policy in canada from 1867

Answer the question in Part A, and two of the three questions in Part B

Part A : 800 – 1000 words

Provide an overview and assessment of Aboriginal Policy in Canada from 1867 to the present.

Part B: Answer two questions. Each answer should be 400 – 500 words.

B1. a) What does Rich mean by “the ideology of motherhood”?

b) What does Hays mean by “intensive mothering”?

c) How does O’Reilly distinguish between mothering and motherhood?

B2. a) What is the “medicalization of homosexuality”?

b) What does Katz mean by “violent masculinity”?

c) What are the main tenets of liberal, socialist and radical feminism?

B3. a) What is the “Death of Birth”?

b) Outline the major differences between the views of the environment embedded in modernity and

indigenous culture.

c) Does the James Bay project represent progress?

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