short essay on human growth and development 1

Pick two of the following topics (one from items 1 – 9 and one from items 10 – 18) and write a short essay (about 75 words) addressing the issues in those topics. APA style.

1. How do parenting styles influence children’s development? In general, which style works best? Why?

2. What are potential advantages and disadvantages for children and parents who experience divorce?

3. Describe the basics of family systems theory

4. What factors contribute to child abuse? How can knowledge of these factors impact our ability to reduce abuse?

5. Describe the role of sibling relations and rivalries from childhood through adulthood

6. What are the issues associated with the middle generation squeeze? How can the associated problem of caregiver burden be reduced?
7. How does marital satisfaction change over the course of a marriage? What factors influence marital satisfaction?
8. Compare and contrast the parent effects, child effects, and transactional effects models of family influence.
9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being single, being a childless couple, being a dual-career family, and being in a gay/lesbian family?
10. What is the relationship between depression and suicide rate? How are age and sex related to the rate of suicide attempt and success?
11. How does the expression of depression vary across the lifespan? How does age influence the treatment of depression?
12. Differentiate between dementia and delirium. Why is the distinction so important?
13. What are the criteria for psychological abnormality? How is the DSM-5 used in this process?
14. How does the cascade model of substance abuse envision the development of drug problems? What are the implications of adopting this approach to intervening with an individual with a developing drug problem?
15. How are internalizing problems different from externalizing problems? Provide specific examples
16. Compare and contrast anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Be sure to discuss symptoms, causes, and treatment.
17. Why is the conceptualization of adolescence as a time of storm and stress inaccurate?
18. How does the diathesis-stress model account for psychopathology?

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