She’s Having My Baby: Complicated Business of Surrogacy

Surrogacy has become more prevalent in the last few years, thanks to being normalized by celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and Sarah Jessica Parker. The question still remains: how much do we really know about the process? In this week’s ELLE video, we follow the journey of a Surrogate as she carries a baby for an Intended Mother. Watch this video, respond to any five (5) of the following questions/ statements as they related to this week’s textbook chapter content:How are issues related to reproductive justice addressed in the textbook research supported or refuted by the content in this video?   Consider the textbook research regarding surrogacy and ethics; explain how these issues are applicable to the women’s experiences in this report? Consider the textbook research discussion on how infertility- what issues are applicable to the points raised in the interview (be sure to explain in detail)? Consider the textbook research regarding reproductive tourism; comprehensively discuss the similarities or differences in these concerns, feelings and attitudes in comparison to women’s experiences in this report? How do these women’s experiences similar/ different from the psychological factors involved adoption for both biological and adoptive mothers as discussed in the textbook research? How is the textbook research examining the concept of the motherhood mandate applicable or not applicable to this video?  What identity changes associated with becoming a mother raised in the textbook researchare applicable to this video- be sure to discuss in detail? How are issues related to pregnancy addressed in the textbook research supported or refuted by the content in this video? Read the public comments section posted below this video- how would the textbook research respond to the most statements/ assertions being made (click on the Youtube icon in the lower right corner to access these comments)?video: to contain 300 wordsbook link:

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