shared practice 1 1

Prepare a cohesive response in which you:

  • Examine the role and characteristics of an effective manager by:
    • Describing what you believe to be the most important things that managers do (i.e. what is the function of the position?)
    • Explaining the characteristics that you think are important to be effective in a management role
    • Assessing why these characteristics matter depending on what a manager does
  • Explain how learning more about yourself might inform your management aspirations. Provide the valuable insights that you gained, including:
    • An appraisal of at least three strengths you discovered you possess through the self-assessment that will help you be an effective manager, based on what you have identified that managers do (be sure to include why you selected these strengths, i.e., why the selected strengths will benefit you as a manager)
    • An appraisal of at least one weakness you discovered in your self-assessment and how that might impact your ability to effectively manage
    • A summary of why having a realistic image of yourself is helpful as you realize your management aspirations
  • Delineate actions that you can take to ensure that you are an effective manager and how various industries or levels might change the relative importance of various management characteristics by:
    • Summarizing specific steps that you can take to make sure you build upon your strengths and either mitigate the effects of your weaknesses or overcome them
    • Evaluating the relative importance of various strengths and weaknesses
    • Explaining whether the industry or level of management within an organization changes which strengths or weaknesses matter. Be sure to justify your explanation.


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