shape and mold the publics views and perceptions pertaining to political and or social issues

this is a fill in the blank form of homework. information you need to know is on the file, so please read carefully.

You need to watch or read News.

you can directly write the answer on the paper.

{What is the Name of the News Channel or Station?What was Type of Media?(Radio, Internet,T.V., Print Media, Pod Casts, etc.):Number of times you view or listen to the station? (Was it in the morning, afternoon, or evening?)What was the number of times was the news story repeated?What was the Gender of the Reporters? (Male or Female?)What was the Name of the News Anchor(s)?In your personal view, did the news sources, stations, or channels appear to be more of a Conservative or a Liberal news reporting Network? Explain WHY?}

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