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Just need a paragraph or 2 on one of these questions.

Please select only one of the following questions and offer a good, substantive reply to it. Some repetition is inevitable, but please aim to reply to a question that has not already been replied to. Please include the question number you reply to, so we all can better understand your post, such as “#1”, “#2”, etc.:

  1. The list and dictionary object types are two of the most important and often used types in a Python program. Compare the functionalities of those two objects. What are some ways to insert, update, and remove elements from lists and dictionaries? Why would you choose one data type over another? Provide code examples demonstrating the usages of both data types.
  2. An element in a dictionary has two parts. What are they called?
  3. Which part of a dictionary element must be immutable?
  4. Suppose ‘start’ : 1472 is an element in a dictionary. What is the key? What is the value?
  5. Suppose a dictionary named employee has been created. What does the following statement do? employee[‘id’] = 54321
  6. What will the following code display? stuff = {1 : ‘aaa’, 2 : ‘bbb’, 3 : ‘ccc’} ; print(stuff[3])
  7. How can you determine whether a key-value pair exists in a dictionary? (Questions 4 – 9 from Gaddis, T. Starting Out with Python, 4th Edition.)
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