script writing max 200 words excellent english read and understand before writing


So below is the only guideline we have received from our professor. But it is just a small 5 minute script that I need written to do with a partner. I will attach a pic of the scenario we are doing. It is based on a counseling technique called ‘Motivational Interviewing’. Again this teacher is very vague but I will send what notes I have regarding the MI techniques however most our research from this class is mostly practical or google researched ourselves.

Here is note form professor:

Regarding the in-class clinical skills presentations, the general expectations are as follows:

-script should be approx. 6 minutes long for EACH technique (MI and SQ)

-each pair of students is to play the role of the client and facilitator for one of the techniques. In other words, the client/facilitator roles are reversed for each script

-you will receive a topic during class. For the Monday class, students will receive their topics this Monday, October 15, 2018 (so please do your best to attend this class, as we also have to confirm presentation partners)

-once you receive your topic, you and your partner will develop scripts (similar to what we have viewed within the classes). Your scripts are yours to develop in whichever fashion you wish. However, I am looking for insightful scripting rather than exactly mimicking what we have reviewed in class, so please try to be somewhat unique in your stories/responses

-please ensure that you provide one hard copy of each script on the presentations days

-at some point within the next few weeks, I will draw names to inform you the order in which you will be presenting. However, the goal is for EVERYONE to present on the MI method during week 12 and EVERYONE to present on the SQ method on Week 13.

As is with all of the in-class exercises, the intention of these presentation is to learn within a teaching and peer setting. Please remember to be mindful of others when presentations are being conducted, as this should be a fun and insightful activity overall.


You can Google motivational interviewing techniques if you need.

I just need small script to read that shows we understand the Motivating Interviewing technique





So i need a scenario with a lawyer…and counselor..having a session using the motivational interviewing technique…. only needs to last 5 minutes.

is this a good explanation or do you need more info. Let me know 🙂

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